Will You Grove to the PS3 Move on Green Monday?

Sony Move

As the Xbox 360 Kinect and the Playstation 3 Move square off in a holiday sales battle royal, look for big-box retailers to offer videogame Green Monday deals this winter.

Traditionally, retailers like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Toys R’ Us rarely offer any holiday discounts on videogames because products always fly off the shelves. Gamers love a new title, and they know if they’re not on the pre-sale waiting list, they’ll get burned. Plus, big-box stores gain a slim margin on any videogame products. If they ever dreamed of selling a console or hit title for 25% off, they’d take a major loss.

Videogames Arms Race of 2010

But that’s where the Kinect and Move are different. Microsoft and Sony are committing to an unprecedented arms race – asking consumers to buy new hardware to convert their existing machines into glorified Nintendo Wii’s. Since Microsoft and Sony are going head-to-head with the same product that pretty much existed three years ago, it’s less likely that people are willing to make an upgrade for a console they most likely already own. Worst of all, the Xbox 360 Kinect and the Sony Move are receiving lackluster reviews from critics, making Green Monday deals all the more of a possibility during their release.

With all the competition and confusion over the products, look to Microsoft and Sony to release decent gaming bundles, and even Cyber Monday specials to drive up promotions. Furthermore, keep an eye on big-boxers to promote Nintendo for mid-December Green Monday deals to capture the gamers who don’t convert over to the new line of tech.

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