What’s up with the Green Monday Calendar Debate?

You thought finding an online shopping deal this holiday season was hard enough, now it looks like we don’t even know what day Green Monday falls on.

Check out Donna’s Coupons. Like many holiday bargain bloggers, she knows Green Monday deals happen on the second Monday of December – yet, they’re all playing quick draw McGraw insisting Green Monday already took place on December 7th. Looks like poor old Donna had a hell of a time reading the calendar this month, although her list of coupons at About.com are chalked full of savings to snag a ton of last second Green Monday Deals.

Green Monday Deals Still Out There?

If you’re feeling a little lost in your last second gift hunting expedition, try out Visa’s ‘Tis the Season to Save as an interactive site for making your Christmas list. With fun activities like the mad libs holiday quiz, you’ll enjoy wasting time at work while finding useful coupons at your favorite stores. I found out that I’ve been a “very, very preppy boy this year!?” That’s news to me, but Visa did give me a $5 off any purchase of $50 or more at Target.com to rock my preppy look into the next decade.

Otherwise, it looks like the best deal going this Green Monday comes in the form of last second shipping offers. It’s a little early in the month for internet marketers to stop fighting for your dollar, so check back with us soon for more exciting Green Monday Deals at the end of the week!

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