Pacific Coast Feather Hosting Huge Holiday Sale

Green Monday is always on the lookout for great deals. Today, we’ve found a whopper of a sale on being offered Pacific Coast Feather.

Pacific Coast Feather Company is a purveyor of high quality down bedding. Trust me, sleep one night with one of their pillows and you’ll never sleep on a synthetic pillow again.

While many probably believe a down pillow is just a bunch of feathers stuffed into a sack, Pacific Coast Feather pillows all have ingenious designs that set them apart from any other manufacturer.

Take, for example, their patented Slumber Core pillows. This design features two concentrated down “cores” that run lengthwise across the pillow, providing unparalleled comfort and support for you neck.

If the core sounds intimidating to you, try out one of their “Nook” pillows. These have a sunken center surrounded by a more supportive perimeter, causing it to be the perfect cradle for your head and neck as you drift off to sleep.

All these pillows can be had for 20% off until November 29th, but that’s not the only discounts being offered in their big sale. All of their luxurious feather beds are available with free shipping within the continental US. If you’ve ever had the privilege of sleeping on a feather bed, then you truly know how it feels to sleep on a cloud.

The biggest discount being offered during this sale is on white goose down comforters. For the duration of the savings event, Pacific Coast Feather is offering 30% off of their 500 thread count Egyptian Cotton comforters. This is probably the best deal you’ll find for a luxury bed comforter on the internet, so don’t be left in the dust in this one.

Head on over to Pacific Coast Feather to check out some of their awesome holiday deals!

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