Green Monday Deals on Netbooks & Notebooks

netbook_notebookWhen it comes to Green Monday deals, don’t miss out on the fantastic opportunities for netbooks and notebooks. It’s easy to drool in astonishment over a portable computer for $250, but some of us less tech savvy holiday shoppers need a little guidance on what to buy and when to buy it.

A notebook is just another name for a laptop, and a netbook is a smaller, cheaper version of a notebook. You might be telling yourself “I like small. I like cheap. Why don’t I get a netbook?”

Turns out there’s a reason why netbooks are cheap. Most don’t have a disk drive. This might not matter in the future, but for right now, we love the ability to pop a dvd in and let it go. Also, the small size is convenient for travel, but not for work. The keys are tiny enough to tangle your fingers. And the screen is small enough to make you take the money you would have saved on a normal laptop to save up for cataracts surgery.

If you’re in the market for a netbook or notebook, you can find either one right now for around $250 bucks, but there are many not-so-secret whispers about $200 netbooks around Black Friday.

So what’s the reason to wait for Green Monday Deals?

It goes back to the economy. Retailers don’t want a large rush of order on Black Friday, only to have their retail sales plummet through December. It’s in their best interest this year to sporadically designate sales throughout the months of November and December to drum up additional shoppers during the holiday season.

The best advice for purchasing a netbook is to make a list of features you need.

Do you want to run Windows 7, or do you need MS Office? You might want to wait through Black Friday for to get a deal on your dream machine. On the other hand, if you’re willing to settle for a mobile internet sufin’ box, go with the first netbook you see under $200.

If you need a whole new computer altogether, maybe you should go with the HP bundle – a desktop, laptop and netbook all for $1,199.This price isn’t changing, so if you’re making your purchase online, make sure you do it between Black Friday and Green Monday for the best deals on shipping.

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