Analyzing 2009 Green Monday Deals

Last year’s holiday sales were a boon for online retailers. From Black Friday sales, through Cyber Monday Specials and all the way to Green Monday Deals, consumers in a down economy turned out in record numbers to find their holiday gifts online.

While you have to take into consideration the winter storms that rocked the East Coast during the main holiday shopping weekends in December, the increase use of mobile devices, social media presence by retailers and daily coupon sites made a strong enough impact that experts expect to continue into the 2010 holiday season.

2009 Holiday Sales

2009 Green Monday Deals Breakdown

As we know, Cyber Monday was the original pinnacle day of online holiday spending. Around the turn of the century (it’s been long enough that we can say that kind of thing), consumers used dial-up internet. And it was slow. Super slow. So slow that people would wait through the first holiday shopping weekend of the year to return to the office and use their company’s high-speed internet to buy all their Tamagotchis and Tickle Me Elmos.

While Cyber Monday still garners attention as a marquee day during the holiday shopping season with an estimated $887 million in sales in 2009, it’s not as relevant of a shopping day now that consumers have high-speed internet in their homes.

The Impact of Green Monday Deals

Nowadays, Green Monday is the king of holiday online shopping… or so we thought. A phrase coined by eBay to represent their largest profit day of the year, Green Monday falls on the second Monday of December, which lines up with many online retailer’s promotions for free shipping.

However, Green Monday was different in 2009. First of all, Green Monday is typically on the second Monday of December, but since December started on a Monday, the Green Monday shopping date fell on December 14th. Secondly, Green Monday was a high online retail sales day, earning an estimated $854 million, but it was only the third highest grossing day of the month.

The highest day was actually the following day, or “Green Tuesday,” raking in over $913 million in online sales.

Will the Green Tuesday Trend Continue in 2010?

We won’t know for a while, but if you’re considering running a discount promotion in December, scheduling it to run from Monday, December 13th to Tuesday, December 14th is a great bet for success. Stay tuned for even more new and info about Green Monday Deals.

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