Pacific Coast Feather Hosting Huge Holiday Sale

Green Monday is always on the lookout for great deals. Today, we’ve found a whopper of a sale on being offered Pacific Coast Feather.

Pacific Coast Feather Company is a purveyor of high quality down bedding. Trust me, sleep one night with one of their pillows and you’ll never sleep on a synthetic pillow again.

While many probably believe a down pillow is just a bunch of feathers stuffed into a sack, Pacific Coast Feather pillows all have ingenious designs that set them apart from any other manufacturer.

Take, for example, their patented Slumber Core pillows. This design features two concentrated down “cores” that run lengthwise across the pillow, providing unparalleled comfort and support for you neck.

If the core sounds intimidating to you, try out one of their “Nook” pillows. These have a sunken center surrounded by a more supportive perimeter, causing it to be the perfect cradle for your head and neck as you drift off to sleep.

All these pillows can be had for 20% off until November 29th, but that’s not the only discounts being offered in their big sale. All of their luxurious feather beds are available with free shipping within the continental US. If you’ve ever had the privilege of sleeping on a feather bed, then you truly know how it feels to sleep on a cloud.

The biggest discount being offered during this sale is on white goose down comforters. For the duration of the savings event, Pacific Coast Feather is offering 30% off of their 500 thread count Egyptian Cotton comforters. This is probably the best deal you’ll find for a luxury bed comforter on the internet, so don’t be left in the dust in this one.

Head on over to Pacific Coast Feather to check out some of their awesome holiday deals!

Will You Grove to the PS3 Move on Green Monday?

Sony Move

As the Xbox 360 Kinect and the Playstation 3 Move square off in a holiday sales battle royal, look for big-box retailers to offer videogame Green Monday deals this winter.

Traditionally, retailers like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Toys R’ Us rarely offer any holiday discounts on videogames because products always fly off the shelves. Gamers love a new title, and they know if they’re not on the pre-sale waiting list, they’ll get burned. Plus, big-box stores gain a slim margin on any videogame products. If they ever dreamed of selling a console or hit title for 25% off, they’d take a major loss.

Videogames Arms Race of 2010

But that’s where the Kinect and Move are different. Microsoft and Sony are committing to an unprecedented arms race – asking consumers to buy new hardware to convert their existing machines into glorified Nintendo Wii’s. Since Microsoft and Sony are going head-to-head with the same product that pretty much existed three years ago, it’s less likely that people are willing to make an upgrade for a console they most likely already own. Worst of all, the Xbox 360 Kinect and the Sony Move are receiving lackluster reviews from critics, making Green Monday deals all the more of a possibility during their release.

With all the competition and confusion over the products, look to Microsoft and Sony to release decent gaming bundles, and even Cyber Monday specials to drive up promotions. Furthermore, keep an eye on big-boxers to promote Nintendo for mid-December Green Monday deals to capture the gamers who don’t convert over to the new line of tech.

Analyzing 2009 Green Monday Deals

Last year’s holiday sales were a boon for online retailers. From Black Friday sales, through Cyber Monday Specials and all the way to Green Monday Deals, consumers in a down economy turned out in record numbers to find their holiday gifts online.

While you have to take into consideration the winter storms that rocked the East Coast during the main holiday shopping weekends in December, the increase use of mobile devices, social media presence by retailers and daily coupon sites made a strong enough impact that experts expect to continue into the 2010 holiday season.

2009 Holiday Sales

2009 Green Monday Deals Breakdown

As we know, Cyber Monday was the original pinnacle day of online holiday spending. Around the turn of the century (it’s been long enough that we can say that kind of thing), consumers used dial-up internet. And it was slow. Super slow. So slow that people would wait through the first holiday shopping weekend of the year to return to the office and use their company’s high-speed internet to buy all their Tamagotchis and Tickle Me Elmos.

While Cyber Monday still garners attention as a marquee day during the holiday shopping season with an estimated $887 million in sales in 2009, it’s not as relevant of a shopping day now that consumers have high-speed internet in their homes.

The Impact of Green Monday Deals

Nowadays, Green Monday is the king of holiday online shopping… or so we thought. A phrase coined by eBay to represent their largest profit day of the year, Green Monday falls on the second Monday of December, which lines up with many online retailer’s promotions for free shipping.

However, Green Monday was different in 2009. First of all, Green Monday is typically on the second Monday of December, but since December started on a Monday, the Green Monday shopping date fell on December 14th. Secondly, Green Monday was a high online retail sales day, earning an estimated $854 million, but it was only the third highest grossing day of the month.

The highest day was actually the following day, or “Green Tuesday,” raking in over $913 million in online sales.

Will the Green Tuesday Trend Continue in 2010?

We won’t know for a while, but if you’re considering running a discount promotion in December, scheduling it to run from Monday, December 13th to Tuesday, December 14th is a great bet for success. Stay tuned for even more new and info about Green Monday Deals.

Yahoo Deals Full of Green Monday Specials

Green Monday Specials + Yahoo Daily Deals = savings like crazy. With the powers of Yahoo and Green Monday combined, you will not only find free shipping and hot on-sale items, but coupon codes and awesome trends too!

Our favorite: 1/2-Carat Diamond Bracelet for $54 and free shipping, brought to you by

And never fear! Yahoo Deals is not only at its peak during our favorite December internet shopping day. It will bring you all sorts of fun money-saving tid-bits, be it the Deal of the Day or the cheapest gas in your home town, no matter the time of year. Create your own profile so you can save coupons and get hints of what’s to come (and what deals from last week are still hot to trot). The Personal Offers tab is your site for Holiday shopping and huge savings, so start having some shopping (and free-shipping!) fun.

Green Monday Deals start today at momAgenda

Thought that you had totally missed the Green Monday wagon? You thought wrong! momAgenda is launching her giant site-wide holiday sale just in time for you to cash in on great Green Monday deals. What will you find?

15-40% off all momAgenda products AND free shipping!

That means that everyone in your life, from busy moms on the go to your best friends with a lot on their plates, will have a sleek, chic, and perfect holiday gift. It will be a stress-free New Year of easy organization for all! And, since momAgenda’s sale goes through December 31, it doesn’t even matter what day is the actual Green Monday. Rejoice in savings all month long.

What’s up with the Green Monday Calendar Debate?

You thought finding an online shopping deal this holiday season was hard enough, now it looks like we don’t even know what day Green Monday falls on.

Check out Donna’s Coupons. Like many holiday bargain bloggers, she knows Green Monday deals happen on the second Monday of December – yet, they’re all playing quick draw McGraw insisting Green Monday already took place on December 7th. Looks like poor old Donna had a hell of a time reading the calendar this month, although her list of coupons at are chalked full of savings to snag a ton of last second Green Monday Deals.

Green Monday Deals Still Out There?

If you’re feeling a little lost in your last second gift hunting expedition, try out Visa’s ‘Tis the Season to Save as an interactive site for making your Christmas list. With fun activities like the mad libs holiday quiz, you’ll enjoy wasting time at work while finding useful coupons at your favorite stores. I found out that I’ve been a “very, very preppy boy this year!?” That’s news to me, but Visa did give me a $5 off any purchase of $50 or more at to rock my preppy look into the next decade.

Otherwise, it looks like the best deal going this Green Monday comes in the form of last second shipping offers. It’s a little early in the month for internet marketers to stop fighting for your dollar, so check back with us soon for more exciting Green Monday Deals at the end of the week!

Green Monday Taken to New Lengths at

With all the hullabaloo over which Monday is Green Monday (December 7 or December 14), rises above it all. The mega e-retailer is disregarding both of the disputed Green Monday dates, extending their “arrive before Christmas” free-shipping guarantee all the way until Thursday, December 17th (with some restrictions, of course)!

So even if you are slow to take advantage of Green Monday deals with other online retailers and up and miss them, Amazon has got you covered: on orders over $25, free super saver shipping is available until December 17.

Great deals mean presents for the whole family… including Fido! Keep the pup pampered in a fleecy Snuggie made just for him.

Have even more last-minute online shopping to do, and want it there by the time the kiddies come jumping on your bed Christmas morning? Amazon can still deliver – it’s just gonna cost you.

Standard shipping available until Sunday December 20.

Gift cards by mail, and Two-Day shipping available until Monday December 21.

Two-Day shipping until 7:00 pm PST and One-Day shipping available until Tuesday December 22.

One-Day shipping until 3:30 pm PST available until Wednesday December 23.

Local Express Shipping available in Seattle, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Las Vegas, and Baltimore available Thursday December 24.

Green Monday Deals All Month Long

The news has become repetitious. Economic crises, unemployment rates, recession, your neighbor losing his house and the clothes off his back. It is relevant news, but feels like old news. Finally, as the Holiday Season takes off, we are glad to hear that the economy is on the upswing. Nielson Business Media reports that, as of October, sales in U.S. chain store such as J.C. Penny, Target, and Costco, are up 2.1 percent, the strongest increase since July 2008.

However, this does not answer the question as to whether little Billy’s stocking with be full this year. (more…)

Green Monday Deals on Netbooks & Notebooks

netbook_notebookWhen it comes to Green Monday deals, don’t miss out on the fantastic opportunities for netbooks and notebooks. It’s easy to drool in astonishment over a portable computer for $250, but some of us less tech savvy holiday shoppers need a little guidance on what to buy and when to buy it.

A notebook is just another name for a laptop, and a netbook is a smaller, cheaper version of a notebook. You might be telling yourself “I like small. I like cheap. Why don’t I get a netbook?” (more…)